A CAPTION accompanies any significant picture in the book. It achieves the following:
  • It catches and draws in the reader's attention with a LEAD IN
  • It accurately identifies the names of significant individuals in the picture
  • It tells the "rest of the story" behind any specific picture in the book
  • It is written in the "Present Tense" to capture the moment

A Caption SHOULD NEVER include:
  • CLICHES - A Cliche is a phrase or expression that has been overused, and has thus lost it's original impact
  • STATING THE OBVIOUS - If the content of the caption simply tells the viewers what they can clearly see for themselves, the caption is banal filler.
    • "Jess and Tammy, smiling for the cameras"
  • PATRONIZING STATEMENTS - Throwing adjectives in front of the subject's name is cheap, and can come across as insincere.
    • "The always amazing Mr. Roberts, helping his students!"

Need material? GATHER FACTS and add background to the image:
  • What is the "story behind the story"?
  • What is unique about the person or people in the image?
  • What do the coach or team mates think of the person featured in the picture?

ALWAYS ALPHA LIST the names in your captions!