The John McCrae Secondary School Yearbook

Demonstrate the skills and body of work you accumulated through this semester by creating a Yearbook DPS on YOU! It should use an original layout and theme of your own design that exemplifies the aesthetics of the proper design principles.

The qualities and balance of FORMAT and CONTENT will be assessed for your final mark of the semester.

  • Prioritize Your Content, and include the following sections:
    • What YOU learned during the course
      • New Skills
      • Greatest Challenges
      • Greatest Accomplishments
    • What YOU contributed to the Yearbook - ie.
      • Photography (ie best 3 photos)
      • Coverage
      • Advertising
      • Promotion
      • Artwork
      • Planning Theme Development
    • What you ADVISE to yearbook students to make a successful yearbook next year
      • "What I know now that I wish I'd known then"
  • Include
    • Photo of YOU
    • Properly sized images of representing the best of your work
    • Captions to describe your image content
  • Delivery
    • Files in proper format - Adopt a Page Number (your choice)
    • Paper Printouts - DPS
    • PDF of the DPS
    • DUE BY WEDNESDAY (One Week)