INFINITUS - Planning

Let's Get Started

When you first arrive into the yearbook class - you are likely to feel like you JUST WANT TO GET GOING -You've got your own ideas, you've got your own set of skills - you're ready to start putting YOUR ideas on paper!

Catch #1 - You're not Alone

The first trick is, the yearbook is a COLLABORATIVE project, and because it represents ALL 1000 students, the staff, Principals, parents, the advertisers and the School Board in general, you have to learn to work with your classmates to put together a product that makes EVERYBODY happy.

Unfortunately - making everybody happy is practically impossible.

So, you'll have pledge to DO YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST to work TOGETHER and try to make everybody happy, even if it doesn't always make YOU particularly happy.

Catch #2 - You're got a lot to Learn

Stuff is happening RIGHT NOW and you need to "cover" it! You're expected to learn everything NOW - and accelerate your photographic, writing and technical skills to professional levels in time to meet publishing deadlines only a few weeks away!

Unfortunately - there's way too much to learn, and not nearly enough time.

So here's the deal - as a new yearbook student, you MUST accept that:
  • The instructor knows from experience what will work, and what's worth spending time on
  • Different students will accept different responsiblities in order to put the whole book together
  • You need to find ways to make things work, rather than find excuses why they won't
  • You need to learn from lessons in the past - there isn't time to repeat mistakes that have been made before

Catch #3 - You only have ONE chance

We really can't afford to make mistakes - in the 8 months of this semester, we have only ONE chance to create a permanent document of the people and events that made up our school year. There's no "dress rehearsal", for this project, and it's ultimately going to cost us more than $32,000, and be judged by hundreds of people who have paid good money for it in advance.

This is SERIOUS! This is BUSINESS! This is MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER CLASS! You can't "fail" an assignment without compromising and "failing" the entire book.

So we PLAN before we PUBLISH - take the planning stage very seriously, and put all the effort you can into the planning stage, and develop those plans before you commit them to paper. When you face a deadline, commit to that deadline and do everything you can to honour it.

We'll get started by going through each of the planning steps in the the menu at the top of this page.