PHOTOSHOP - Cropping


Cropping a picture does three things to improve the digital image:
  • It cuts away distracting or unnecessary elements in the image
  • It lets you deliberately “Compose” a more attractive picture
  • It significantly reduces the digital file size, making the project more efficient

The original photo had good content, but included a large amount of "noisy" and unnecessary background.
A crop was chosen that matched the 10 x 10 pica frame in the layout. This also allows us to "remove" the ugly powerlines in the background.
The cropped photo is better composed, and "tightens in" on the subject. The subject's object of focus also becomes more obvious!
(Note that you MUST have a good quality, high resolution image to have maximum flexibility with cropping to this level)

  1. CROPPING an image in PHOTOSHOP
    1. Use the Marquee tool (be sure “feather” is set to zero) (If need be, Click and HOLD on the selection tool, then slide to the rectanglular shape. (NOTE - do NOT use Photoshop’s “CROPPING TOOL” as it also changes the resolution)
    2. SET the option
      1. Feathering: ZERO
      3. Enter the Width and Height of your desired image
    3. Draw a rectangular SELECTION on the canvas of your photo to define the crop.
    4. Use IMAGE - CROP from the dropdown menu to trim the image. (If you find you’ve made a mistake, you can EDIT - UNDO the crop and try again)
  2. CHECK the RESOLUTION and adjust the SIZE (see handout)
    1. Use IMAGE - IMAGE SIZE from the dropdown menu
    2. Turn RESAMPLE IMAGE to OFF, and ensure that CONSTRAIN PROPORTIONS is ON
    3. Set the units to read in PICA
    4. Set the RESOLUTION to 300DPI for colour, or 266DPI for B&W
    5. CONFIRM that the image is BIGGER than what you need.
      1. IF it's BIGGER - Go on to RESIZING the image
      2. If it's SMALLER, you have only two choices:
        1. UNDO the crop and try again using a more "loose" crop - go back to step 2
        2. FIND ANOTHER PICTURE that is of suitable resolution for your needs

Original Appleworks Document:

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