PHOTOSHOP - Resizing Digital Images

  • You should NEVER resize to make a picture LARGER
  • You SHOULD resize to shrink an image to properly fit a frame

Use IMAGE - IMAGE SIZE from the dropdown menu
  1. TURN OFF RESAMPLE IMAGE found in the bottom left corner
    1. Again, be sure that “RESAMPLE IMAGE” is OFF before you set the resolution
    2. Set the RESOLUTION to 300DPI (for colour) or 266DPI (for B&W)
    1. Turn “RESAMPLE IMAGE” ON (this will allow pixels to be destroyed)
    2. Change the units to PICAS.
    3. Now CHECK the DOCUMENT SIZE and compare it to what you need:
      1. IF the image is BIGGER than what you need, you’re in great shape; go on to step 4
      2. If the size is SMALLER than what you need in your yearbook frame, STOP! You must hit cancel and go back and see if you can RECROP the original JPG, or GIVE UP and find a picture that’s big enough. DO NOT PROCEED TO THE RESIZE STEP!
  4. SHRINK the DOCUMENT SIZE (if need be)
    1. With RESAMPLE still turned on, ENTER A WIDTH that is .1 pica LARGER than the width in your DPS layout. (ie. if you want a 30pica width, enter a value of 30.1 pica). The HEIGHT will change automatically. (This will leave a little overlap within InDESIGN’s picture frame)
    2. CLICK OK to RESIZE the image - RESAMPLE means you’re throwing away pixels; the “PIXEL DIMENSIONS” at the top should SHRINK
  5. SAVE the File
    1. Use SAVE AS and change the format to TIF - Turn OFF "Layers" and "ICC Profile" if they appear
    2. Save the file in the SAME FOLDER as your InDesign page file
    3. turn ON LZW COMPRESSION when asked
    4. Use an APPROPRIATE FILENAME Use the PAGE - NAME - EXTENSION rule ie. “023TwoGuys.TIF”

On to Step 3: ENHANCING