The John McCrae Secondary School Yearbook

Though listed as an Art course, the Yearbook Course is an INTERDISCIPLINARY course that combines skills from various disciplines. Students will develop the skills required to develop, manage and produce the John McCrae "Infinitus" yearbook in time for delivery in the spring.

Component Studies:
  • Photography
    • Lighting
    • Composition
  • English
    • Journalism
    • Business Correspondence
  • Business
    • Project and Information Management
    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Advertising
  • Communications Technology
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Digital Image Editing
    • Collaborative File Management
  • Art & Consumer Design
    • Design Principles
    • Layout
  • Enrolling in the Yearbook course demands that the student is willing to assume the RESPONSIBILITIES the group has been entrusted with.
    • To complete all work assigned, according to the deadlines prescribed
    • To cooperate fully with the group, the instructor, the school administration and the student body in order to achieve our goals
  • Students will assume the demanding multiple roles of Photographer, Journalist, Computer Information Specialist and Salesperson.
  • Production timelines are extremely rigid, and will dictate the flow of the course over the course of the year.
  • While MOST work can be completed in the allotted class time, MANY events can require students to spend time after class, and after normal school hours. Students must be willing and able to "go where the story is, when it is". Some assignments will even require work AFTER the first semester is complete on a voluntary basis.
  • The first priority of Yearbook students is to cover the events and people OUTSIDE the four walls of our classroom. It needs to be stated clearly that it is NOT the prerogative of yearbook students to favour the inclusion of pictures of themselves, their friends, or their fellow yearbook students. "Patronage Photos" will be edited out of the book at the discretion of the editors and advisor, and will directly affect the student's marks.

Joining the class implies that you are WILLING and ABLE to manage the RESPONSIBILITIES of working on the yearbook.