PLANNING - Features

Features are specific inclusions in the yearbook that can be adopted into the layouts, or into the overall purchase contract we have with the publisher.


  • How many pages will the book be?
  • How many pages of colour?
  • Do you want to include extras:
    • Name Stamps
    • Autograph Sheets
    • Memory Capsule supplements


  • What sections should be built into the ladders, and in what order?
  • What THEME could be used throughout the book, and how?
  • What FONTS should be used this year?
  • What LAYOUT DESIGNS could be used for each section?
  • What "traditional features" should we continue this year?
    • Big School Photo
    • Grad Photo
    • Autobiographical Grad Comments
    • Ego Page
    • Celebrity Lookalikes page
  • What NEW features could be included
    • Grade Surveys
    • User Contributed photos and Content