The John McCrae Secondary School Yearbook

Note: Distribution of the book is subject to the integrity of the product delivered by the publisher. If publishing flaws, or unacceptable content is discovered in the advanced copy, distribution will be delayed.

      • Ideally in the middle of the week to allow a couple of sale/distribution days to follow
      • Clear with Admin to confirm suitablilty of date
      • Minimize the chance of field trips, tests, fire alarms
      • Maximize the possibility of prior notice
      • Confirm with staff the rooms that they will occupy
      • Based on updated TRILLIUM records
      • Include MAP of FLOOR
      • Include special instruction notes - ie. Williamson, Fulton-Hale request later delivery
      • Include name of delivering student
      • PENS will be distributed with the topsheets
      • Takes place a day or two before delivery
      • Insert AUTOGRAPH and TIME CAPSULE supplements for those who ordered them
      • Sorted by Period - in this case, period ONE. Each pile contains:
        • Personalized books
        • Blanks for the few non-personalized pre-orders
        • A TOPSHEET listing all contents
      • Should we include a SURVEY in each book? A draw for next year's book?
      • Can we include OLD STOCK that needed to be delivered?
    • CLASSROOM DELIVERY - Yearbook students deliver designated books to each class
      • Delivering student keeps control of the books, and the "topsheet"
      • Call out the student's names on the list one at a time to claim their book - use the teacher to confirm identities
      • Only ACTUAL owners may receive books - not friends, teachers, nor relatives without some sort of consent.
      • Each recipient MUST initial the topsheet to accept their book.
      • The topsheet and any undelivered books MUST be returned to room 202
      • Each student may have to make two or three delivery runs - depending how many students are helpingUNCLAIMED BOOKS
    • UNDELIVERED BOOKS are returned to Room 202 and sorted by TEACHER in the GREEN AREA. When students arrive to claim them:
      • They are asked - "who is your period one teacher"
      • They are asked for student ID or other proof of identity
        • If they have none, they can look up their mugshot in the index as proof
      • Must initial the topsheet to claim book
      • Completed topsheets are stored on the fileing cabinets
    • Sales in the Second Floor Foyer
      • Extra books
      • Extra AUTOGRAPH and TIME CAPSULE supplements
      • Old Stock

SURVEY - This could be a great opportunity to get some spur of the moment feedback from students to help design next year's book.
Do we need to create incentive to complete the survey? ie. Submit to enter a draw for a free yearbook next year? Ego page? Can we ensure that we only receive ONE response from each purchaser ie. Personalized response forms?

  • Was this book a worthwhile purchase for you?
  • What did you like MOST about this year's book? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • What did you like LEAST about this year's book? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • What would you like to see included in NEXT year's book? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • What ways could we get more pictures of YOU into the book next year?
  • Would you purchase an ALL COLOUR version of the book next year for $45?
  • Can you suggest any theme ideas you'd like to see in next year's book?