DEADLINES - Submission

Once your page is completed, you need to package it into the DEADLINES folder with the appropriate folder name.
Be sure everything is in final format before submitting a deadline - although it may be revised later, it's the FIRST submission that will earn you your marks - it's really important to "get it right" the first time.

PACKAGING your files
  1. When your page is complete, SAVE it with the appropriate name (pagenum_description_studentlastname.INDD)
    1. Select a location in the DEADLINES folder
    2. Observe the warnings, hit continue
    3. When asked to type instructions, just click "Continue"
    4. When prompted to create a folder, give it a MEANINGFUL name starting with your PAGE NUMBER (ie. 002-003)
  3. Close YOUR version of the file and do NOT edit it any further - the packaged version is now the official copy

The PACKAGE function checks your files for errors, and if possible, creates a folder that contains:
  • Your INDD (InDesign laytout file)
  • A folder with all TIFS included
  • A folder with all FONTS used
  • A report file (that is only used if we were including special instructions)

The PACKAGED version of your DPS is now the official version - do NOT continue editing your original work in your section folder - the changes will not ripple to the deadlines version.

IF you have to make major renovations to your original page, you'll have to RE-PACKAGE the file and save it with a "version 2" folder name