Get Interested!
Get interested in your subject of coverage. If you're interested, you should know what questions to ask. Here are some sample questions to help dig up the facts -

  • Who are the coaches, advisors or conductors?
  • Who are the Most Valuable Players; the Most Improved Players; the Most Unique Players?
  • Who is new; Who has the most experience; Who changed things around this year?
  • Who is going on to bigger and better things?

  • What was different about this season?
  • What were the highlights of the year?
  • What was accomplished above and beyond previous years?
  • What lessons will participants take away from this season?

  • When and how often did the group practice?
  • When did this group get started?
  • When did things start start to take shape?

  • Why do people get involved in this group?
  • Why was the season better or worse that previous years?

  • How do participants feel about the group?
  • How will the events of this season effect next years group?