WRITING - Coverage - Get the Facts!

Coverage.jpg Coverage in journalism (and photojournalism) represents the planning and action required to gather information about an assigned story. Coverage can be measured in terms of SCOPE and DEPTH.

    • The range of topics and subtopics examined by the coverage. A "wide scope" investigation might gather just a little bit of information ABOUT a very wide range of subjects
    • The quantity and quality of information mined on any particular subject of investigation.

Scope and depth are not mutually exclusive - a good reporter will gather a suitable depth of information on an adequately broad scope of topics; but certainly there must be a trade off or balance set when the reporter has a limited amount of time to perform the coverage.

  • The SCOPE of coverage is tracked using the COVERAGE database
  • The DEPTH of coverage can be established by creating and completing a "coverage sheet"

To Begin Covering An Assignment
  • Identify the COACHES, ORGANIZERS or ADVISORS of the group or event
  • Identify the TIMELINES and LOCATIONS for the event
  • Arrange with the organizers to BE AT THE EVENT with camera, pen and paper.
  • Do NOT WAIT - cover the event EARLY in the season. You can always follow up to add or improve information later.