What should I be doing now?

  1. Make (or obtain) a LIST of ALL clubs and their staff advisors
    1. Use the COVERAGE database
  2. RESEARCH and PLAN FEATURES - How will you present the content of your section this year? What will you borrow from the past? What can you improve on to make your section MORE interesting or aesthetically pleasing? How many clubs on a DPS? How should clubs be sorted?
    1. Group Photos
    2. Article content
    3. Special Features
  3. Create your LADDER - Assign specific clubs to specific DPS's
  4. Assign DPS Pages to the members of your section
    1. Coordinate with department heads - find the BEST TIME of the day/week to ensure full attendance
    2. Choose the Environment - Practice photography in that location
    3. Communicate this info with the participants clearly and completely in advance of the shoot
    1. Be prepared, and on time.
    2. Preplan the camera settings
    3. Be diplomatic and patient.
  7. Gather your FACTS
    1. Who, What, When, Where, Where, Why, How?
    2. What's NEW or UNIQUE about your particular subject
  8. Write your ARTICLES
    1. How many words do you need to "fit" your template?
    2. QUOTE participants
  9. Prepare your LAYOUTS
    1. Choose and crop pictures
    2. Create Headlines
    3. Insert your article into the BODY copy
    4. Complete Captions
    5. ALPHALIST names
    6. Spellcheck your DPS