PREFLIGHT - Bullet Proofing Pages

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"Bullet-Proofing" is the process of double checking ALL pages for submission, and ensuring that they are consistent, complete and compliant with each other.
  1. A final check that all IMAGES are:
    1. Named correctly - all start with the proper page number
    2. Linking properly, and are included in the submission
    3. At the correct Resolution
    4. Are evenly balanced and don't require more colour correction
  2. A final check that all COPY is:
    1. Spell checked
    2. Contained in the text frames properly, and not "CUT-OFF"
    3. Alphalisted
  3. A final check that the LAYOUTS:
    1. Use consistent and proper Page Folios (the page numbers)

The FORMATTING Checklist:
  1. Capitalize Lead-Ins - ie - The First Letter of Verbs and Nouns
  2. Bold Student Names and Staff Names in the Main Story
  3. Adjust Quote Box text sizes and format:
    1. Big Boxes: text - 10pt, name & grade 8pt
    2. Talking Heads: text - 8pt, name and grade 6pt
  4. Align all Captions to gutter
  5. Align Main title to outside Margin
  7. Alphalist
  8. Grade Number = Grade # (ex grade ten -> Grade 10)
  9. Check page numbers (and font, Maximo)
  10. Subheadline - only uppercase 1st letter
  11. Colourbalance pictures
  12. Check captionbox sizes
  13. Read captions and body copy