For the last couple of years, the Athletic Council has asked us for team and action photos to include in their year end slideshow. We used our Grade 11 class to actually select, crop and set to music about 15 photos for each team.

Here are the specs:
Total Teams: 24
Chapters: Three Seasons
Total Duration: 12 minutes (30 seconds per team)
Slide duration: 3 seconds (30 seconds / 10 slides)

(Review and name "A" level photos)
  • Choose the most representative 15 photos including a single team photo
  • Copy those photos to a work folder
  • Crop to 800 x 600 @ 72 DPI
  • Use SAVE FOR WEB and Name them according to the following number convention: ie. Golf would be 15.oldfilename.jpg
  • Save the final jpgs to the 09. SLIDESHOW folder

  1. FALL
    1. Basketball Girls Sr. (JM)
    2. Cross country running (RB)
    3. Field Hockey Girls (RB)
    4. Football Boys (AH)
    5. Golf (NR)
    6. Soccer Boys Varsity (AH)
    7. Swimming (OK)
    8. Tennis (JM)
    1. Basketball Boys Varsity (OK)
    2. Curling (JM)
    3. Hockey Boys (KT)
    4. Hockey Girls (MarkL)
    5. Volleyball Boys Jr. (MegL)
    6. Volleyball Girls Jr (KT)
    7. Volleyball Girls Sr (MegL)
    8. Waterpolo (NR)
    1. Badminton (JM)
    2. Baseball Boys (AH)
    3. Lacrosse (OL)
    4. Soccer senior girls (MarkL)
    5. Soccer, junior varsity girls (MegL)
    6. Softball Girls (NR)
    7. Touch Football Girls (KT)
    8. Track & Field (RB)